Studio Manager - Barsha

As a Managing Partner of 1000 Petaled Lotus, Ayesha’s Yoga Journey commenced in her early 20’s, back when she was living a fast paced Corporate Life.

That’s what she needed an outlet for, and Yoga had always been something she wanted to explore at some point.

After dabbling in and out of it for years, a sporting incident made her have to reevaluate all her lifestyle and fitness choices.

Yoga came through once again, only this time she chose to dive deeper into the benefits, not just physically, but more importantly mentally as well.

Ever since then, it’s been an ongoing, life – altering way of life, that has helped mould her into the person she is today.

Aysha is a living example of how Yoga can transform a person, and she would love to share some of that Light with the World.

Aysha has done her RYT 200 with Dr.Kasi and currently managing the yoga Studio in Barsha.