Deepak  finished his diploma in yoga and naturopathy science followed by completing his 500 Hours TTC ( Yoga Alliance US)

The journey of his yoga experience is the most blissful and spiritual part of his life. He has been practicing yoga since almost 19 years. He started practicing at the age of 11 as a recreational activity. But by the time he was 16 he had already begun teaching to his fellow people, and it was at that point he decided to teach yoga for the rest of his life.

He connected with many yoga practitioners and gurus, learned many yoga techniques, spiritually and philosophically and there he build a solid foundation. When he turned 20 he was ready to explore and share his knowledge to the world.but most importantly he still considers himself as a student to this world, continuing to perfect his learning in the best way possible.

He has a traditional way of teaching. His students have been able to connect with his traditional and authentic practice . If he has people going through physical or mental ailments in his class he will try and combine his teaching practice with a therapeutic approach.