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Swing Yoga

Swing Yoga Class

Swing yoga – is a practice in which we are able to float, fly, stretch and strengthen in a whole new way. Swing yoga moves through a range of yoga poses using swings which hang from the ceiling.

The swings are a beautiful tool to discover yoga and your body in a whole new way, offering a chance to trust deeper and find that playful childlike nature. Aerial also gives a fantastic opportunity to practice inversions without any pressure on the head, feel the magic of floating up side down. By using gravity as a gentle aid, Swing yoga allows practitioners to achieve inversions and deep stretches in a safe and fun environment.

This class works on the entire body, challenging strength, balance and flexibility

If someone like yoga — even if they don’t do it that often — they will definitely, certainly and positively love giving Swing yoga a try. The is a swing yoga for any level, even if you a complete beginner, our instructors will make you feel the bliss in the class.

Our trained Instructors will make you sit on a soft, fabric hammock that looks kind of like a long scarf. These hammocks are made out of special, high-density nylon material that can support over 300 kilos. Throughout the yoga class, you do various traditional yoga poses or aerial adaptations of traditional poses using the hammock for support.

Aerial yoga offers many of the same benefits and enjoyments of regular yoga, but it also has some additional benefits as well:

  • Greater Flexibility
  • Better Focus
  • Strengthened Muscles
  • Stress Relief

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