Yoga Trainer

Shelly Ahuja is a skilled yoga teacher and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who has dedicated her life to helping people achieve their wellness goals. Born and raised in India, Shelly was drawn to the ancient practice of yoga from a young age, and began studying under the guidance of a local teacher.

Shelly’s journey into yoga began as a personal quest for physical and emotional healing. After experiencing the benefits of yoga firsthand, she decided to deepen her knowledge and share it with others. She completed the RYT 200 course, which provided her with a strong foundation in hatha yoga, pranayama, and breathing exercises.

As a yoga teacher, Shelly is known for her compassionate and intuitive teaching style. She encourages her students to listen to their bodies and honor their limitations, while also challenging them to explore their boundaries and reach new levels of strength and flexibility.

Shelly’s classes are known for their unique blend of mindfulness, breathwork, and movement. She believes that yoga is not just about performing postures but also about cultivating a sense of inner peace and balance. She encourages her students to connect with their breath, listen to their bodies, and move with intention.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Shelly also focuses on the role of nutrition in overall health and wellbeing. She works with clients to develop personalized plans that integrate yoga, nutrition, and mindfulness practices to help them achieve their health goals.

Shelly’s teachings have been embraced by students of all ages and backgrounds. She has a gift for making yoga accessible and approachable for everyone, whether they are beginners or experienced practitioners. Her warmth, compassion, and dedication to her students have earned her a reputation as one of the most inspiring yoga teachers in her community.